SolarAttic Pool Heater

Solar heating without solar panels! SolarAtticĀ® heats your pool and cools your home. Cost effective and environmentally friendly. 631-903-POOL | 631-903-7665

High Quality Solar Pool Heating System

SolarAttic® is the future of pool heating. It is the most cost efficient way to heat your pool in the world. It's the only solar pool heater available that gives you all the energy savings and other benefits of a solar heated pool, without having to install solar panels of any kind.

Go Green! Eco-Friendly

Worried about our environment? Did you know that a 400,000 BTU gas pool heater produces more pollution than an average car produces in a year? Using a SolarAttic® pool heater would eliminate all of this:

State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

Our solar pool heater gives you -- SOLAR Without PANELS! Plus as it'is heating your pool SolarAttic® is cooling down your house!

Long Island Solar Pools

Long Island Solar Pools is a sister company of Patrick's Pools Inc. We are the only authorized SolarAttic distributor and installer on Long Island. We do installations on all of Long Island and ship SolarAttic units to all of the continental US.

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