SolarAttic Pool Heater

Solar heating without solar panels! SolarAtticĀ® heats your pool and cools your home. Cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Purchase SolarAttic Solar Pool Heating System

SolarAttic PCS3 pool heater auto system package $3995
The Auto System package includes the heat exchange unit, mechanical bypass valve, solar controller, relay and temperature sensors for the attic and the pool water. Plus, you get a comprehensive, easy to read installation & operating manual that gives you step-by-step guidance for installation and service. The Auto System provides security with an automatic shutoff valve in the extremely rare case of a leak in the attic. With the auto system package, the Solarattic is controlled by a thermostat making it more efficient than the unit package. This is the only package that we install.

SolarAttic PCS3 unit package $ 3595
The unit package includes the SolarAttic heat exchange unit and the installation and operating manual. You will need to install a manual bypass valve, as the SolarAttic will cool your pool if it runs on a day when the attic is cold. This package does not provide security in the extremely rare case of a leak in the attic.