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Solar heating without solar panels! SolarAtticĀ® heats your pool and cools your home. Cost effective and environmentally friendly. 631-903-POOL | 631-903-7665

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SolarAttic Purchase and Self-Install Disclaimer

Due to the value of the items, labor and cost involved in transporting these units there are NO RETURNS so please make sure you understand the selection criteria. Your attic's size must be equal to, or greater than the square footage of your pool and gain 20 degrees over the outside air on sunny days, or be at least 75% the size of your pool and gain at least 30 degrees over the outside air. Most attics meet these requirements, but using a SolarAttic in an attic that does not meet these standards will result in below average performance.

Installing a SolarAttic solar pool heater requires certain skills. Basic handyman skills, basic plumbing and basic electrical skills are required. In some cases the unit will be installed over head making the installation potentially dangerous. Doing electrical work without an electrical license could also be potentially dangerous. During many installations a ladder will be required. Working on ladders could be potentially dangerous.

Improper installations of the SolarAttic Solar Pool Heater could result in potential damages to your person or your home. If you are unsure of your abilities to perform this installation properly please have a licensed contractor perform your installation. By clicking the "I agree" button below you agree that you have read this entire disclaimer and agree to the following terms: Long Island Solar Pools and Patricks Pools Inc. shall not be liable for any potential bodily injuries, fatalities, or property damage caused by the improper installation or maltreatment of the SolarAttic Solar Pool Heater. You understand that there are no returns, no refunds, and all sales are final.

By clicking the "I agree" button below you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of the entire disclaimer above.


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