SolarAttic Pool Heater

Solar heating without solar panels! SolarAtticĀ® convection system solar heat exchanger heats your
pool and cools your home. Cost effective and environmentally friendly.

SolarAttic PCS3 Pool Convection System Solar Heat Exchanger

Until now, heating your pool had big drawbacks. You'd have extremely high utility costs and pollution if you chose natural gas, propane, oil, electric heaters or even heat pumps. Or you'd have to choose solar panels and put up with the poor appearance of the solar panels, possible damage to your roof, or poor performance because your roof does not face due South.

But now, SolarAttic gives you an excellent alternative to these costly, polluting, or poor aesthetic options. The patented SolarAttic solar pool heater uses solar-generated, hot attic air to heat your pool. So you get free solar heat for your pool without having to use any solar panels or mats on your roof. All this, while the SolarAttic is blowing like an air-conditioner in your attic dropping the temperature by about 30 degrees. This in turn lowers air conditioning needs in your house by as much as 30 percent. On top off all this, the SolarAttic qualifies for a solar tax credit in many states. NYS offers 25% of the installed price as a solar tax credit.

When the sun shines during the day, your roof acts as a large solar energy collector. That's why your attic gets so hot. Our solar pool heater, located inside your attic, uses this hot attic air to heat your pool. After water from your pool goes through the regular pool support filter, it is then pumped into the SolarAttic solar pool heater which is a heat exchanger located inside the attic. Cooler water enters the heater; warmer water comes out and is returned to the pool, all while cooler air is blowing out of the back of the unit. The SolarAttic uses a low amperage, German designed fan as its only moving part. The fans are designed for a 20 year life span and the cooling utility savings on the house usually outweigh the cost of the electric to run the fan. Also the attic fan that you most likely already have in your attic will no longer need to operate, thus adding even more to the utility savings.

The SolarAttic solar pool heater only needs a standard attic space. One that has a minimum height of 3-4 feet from the attic floor to its peak. You also need a sunny roof and an attic that is a "heat gainer". If your attic is designed to be cool and / or simply track the ambient air temperature plus about 5-10 degrees, it will not be a good fit. You should know if your attic gets hot. A good attic will gain 20 degrees or more over the outside ambient temperature during most of the year. Your attic's size must be equal to, or greater than the square footage of your pool and gain 20 degrees over the outside air on sunny days, or be at least 75% the size of your pool and gain 30 degrees over the outside air. These numbers can be stretched slightly if you are heating your pool in conjunction with a solar cover or liquid solar blanket.

The most common form of pool heating is propane. The typical propane cost to heat a pool per season is over $2800. A typical propane pool heater will cost $3200 when all is said and done with the installation (Electric, Propane line, pool plumbing). The price for a SolarAttic is approximately the same as one seasons cost for heating your pool with one of the alternate methods. Even less if you install it yourself. The SolarAttic also lasts 2 to 3 times as long as conventional heaters because they are located inside, and there are no flames or compressors.

SolarAttic has that covered. All SolarAttic installs use an extremely durable flexible PVC so that the only plumbing joints that take place in the attic are inside the unit itself. The SolarAttic is a self-contained unit with a water sensor inside, so that if there ever was any type of leak the unit would completely shut down, not allowing anymore water to enter the attic.

Yes. Most customers say they cannot hear their SolarAttic solar pool heater when it is operating. That's because the system is located in an attic. Plus the fan is relatively quiet in the first place.

The Auto System package includes the heat exchange unit, mechanical bypass valve, solar controller, relay and temperature sensors for the attic and the pool water. Plus, you get a comprehensive, easy to read installation & operating manual that gives you step-by-step guidance for installation and service. The Auto System provides security with an automatic shutoff valve in the extremely rare case of a leak in the attic. With the auto system package, the Solarattic is controlled by a thermostat making it more efficient than the unit package. This is the only package that we install.

The unit package includes the SolarAttic heat exchange unit and the installation and operating manual. You will need to install a manual bypass valve, as the SolarAttic will cool your pool if it runs on a day when the attic is cold. This package also provides no security in the extremely rare case of a leak in the attic.