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Solar heating without solar panels! SolarAttic® heats your pool and cools your home. Cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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The SolalAttic and your solar blanket saved me over $10,000 in oil this year. The pool was up near 90 degrees the whole Summer and we didn't have to close the pool untill November."
25' x 50' = 56250 gallon pool
H. Shnyder, Westhampton Beach, NY

"Pat the pool has been in the high 80s since you installed the heater. That's good enough for me"
R. Comeau, Westhampton Beach, NY

"Hi Patrick,
Just wanted to give you a status update. The heater is working awesome, we can feel the hot water coming out of the jets and the pool is already up to 74, I know this is good bc a few friends that don't have heaters have told me that their pools are in the high 50s. Thanks for all your efforts. Please feel free to use us as a reference."
Note: May 5

Hi Patrick,
During the heat wave a few weeks ago it was up to 90, then when it got cool it went back down to 82 and it seems to be hovering around 84-85. I will let you know what happens today, since it should be really hot again.
K. Gronich, Melville, NY

"Hi Patrick,
Said I'd let you know how the installation worked out. You may remember I came out to pick up the Solarattic on June 17 and installed it myself using your Goldline 235 controller. Other than a few hours of use in late spring, I haven't used the oil heater this year. Unheated the pool will never get above low 70s. With the SolarAttic it hovers around 80. This is a 16x40 Roman style, vinyl in-ground pool in a very shaded, wooded location in South Huntington. The pool is never more than 20-25% in direct sun and is in full shade by 4:30 PM. Cost: in addition to the Solarattic, I spent just under $250 and my labor for all the piping, electric and misc. needs to complete the install"
John, Huntington, NY
Note: Attic is not a good heat gainer, only 15 degrees over outside air

"The one day installation was nice. I don't have temperatures but the water is much warmer than it used to be and I am happy with it."
G. Sutcliff, Hampton Bays, NY

"So far the pool has been staying in the low 80s much warmer than before"
D. Cavanough, Hampton Bays, NY
Note: Pool is in complete shade

"When I got out to my house for the weekend the pool was 101 degrees haha!!! It was like a hot tub. I took off the cover and put the hose in to cool it off. Much too hot but it was funny to see. Guess I need to turn down that thermostat!!!"
D. Bookamer, Southampton, NY
Note: During a heat wave with pool covered and thermostat set at 104

"Pool is warmer and I can actually use the attic for storage now which is nice, used to be to hot and would melt things"
G. Beardsley, Bridgehampton, NY

"We have not had to use the gas heater once yet the whole year"
L. Bush, Bethpage, NY

"Very happy with the heater"
P. Scrabbit, East moriches, NY

"Well since it was free I had better be happy with it :) The warm water is very nice"
A. Kenney, East Moriches, NY
Note: My Mother :)

May 26, 2008 as Posted on YouTube
Comment from rbergeron:
"Installed mine 3 yrs ago ... I open the pool in mid May at 45 degrees water ... we get 70 degrees by June 1, 80 degree water by June 15, have 85-90 degree water till Sept then it drops to 80 till Sept 10, then to 75 by Sept 20 ... [And, that is what we get] IN MAINE!"

February 6, 2008
"I certainly enjoyed our phone conversation yesterday. I have a SolarAttic System [solar pool heater] for heating my swimming pool that has been in service for over 12 years and we have been extremely happy with its performance. It has worked flawlessly over that time and has extended our swimming season well into November each year and allowed us to start swimming again as early as the early part of March of each year. Depending on the weather we have been able to begin swimming as early as the end of February. We have a 15 foot by 30 foot pool with a power “safety cover” that we close each night to help us retain the heat overnight during the Fall and Spring. The surprising thing is that the unit costs very little to operate and has the added benefit of cooling the attic which makes our air conditioning of the house much more efficient. What little we spend on the electricity to run the system we more than recoup in the lower costs of cooling the house. By comparison, my son, with a similar size pool and a gas heater, spends hundreds of dollars to heat his pool each month. Granted, we do not achieve the optimal 84 degrees that he does until a few weeks into the season, but the cost savings are worth accepting a pool in the mid 70s for a few weeks just to be able to enjoy swimming. I would like to thank you and your company for the innovative design, superb installation, and excellent service."
W Norton, Mesa, Arizona

November 19, 2007
"I have the solar pool heater installed in my vacation home in Orlando. It works great." Nick, Orlando FL Note: Nick lives and works in England

September 17, 2007
"I've had my attic solar pool heater installed now for seven years. I love the system." F Wall, Columbus MS

September 15, 2007
"I've owned your solar pool heater for 11 years. I love the pool heater and it works great!" J Hanberry, Foxworth MS

August 29, 2007
"I purchased your solar pool heater 7 years ago. I have a 45x20 large inground pool and your solar pool heater keeps the pool around 85 degrees. I only used my gas heater once in May when I opened my pool. I am very happy with your product." M Miller, Whippany NJ

August 22, 2007
"My SolarAttic solar pool heater, which I installed about 20 months ago, is doing fine. I am glad that the company is still functioning, because people ask me about it a lot. Right now we are at 84 degrees. The SolarAttic sort of air conditions the house during heat waves. This year I plunged into the pool on March 17. It was chilly, but swimmable." A Heisch, San Jose CA

August 20, 2007
"I installed the SolarAttic solar pool heater into Depitto's home. It raised the pool from 70 degrees to 90 degrees in only one week. I was stunned and very impressed on how well your solar pool heater worked. My customer begged me to install this system for 60 days. The system was very easy to install." Albert
Capital Sun Group, Falls Church, Virginia